Sunday, June 21, 2015

Thank you, Ms Bowen

Why would I name my blog such a strange name? What's the story behind my blog name? Readers have people that influence their attitude about reading. One of these people for me was Ms Bowen, my Novels teacher. She wss a free-spirit with big round glasses that tended to make her look like some type of bug. But she made books come alive. Her way of describing books was mesmerizing. We were expected to read several classics from Romeo and Juliet to Catcher in the Rye. I was fortunate to have Dostoevsky and Kafka as friends that year. Sharing books with all types of students from jocks to geeks but we all had the love of books in common. When I think back on that class, I smile...lots of good memories. It was the perfect introduction to the love of reading for this shy wallflower. The class was only offered that one year. I'm so glad I picked it as my elective. So to Ms Bowen, I say "Thank you. My life was changed that year".

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